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Blue Sky Bioproducts and Cisbio Bioassays Unite Technologies to Improve Kinase Research

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Cisbio Bioassays announces the signing of a partnership with Blue Sky BioProducts. The combination of TDA 2.0™ technology by Blue Sky BioProducts and HTRF, developed by Cisbio, will enable the development of more robust assays and an unparalleled sensitivity for obtaining better biologically enhanced results on target kinases.

TDA 2.0™ is a stable solution of lipid-based nanoparticles with nickel-chelating moieties. It is a template which directs the assembly of purified His-tagged proteins that are normally membrane-associated, creating a more physiological environment than isolated domains in aqueous buffer. His-tagged proteins bind to the fluid surface of TDA 2.0™ and self-associate as a result of the fluid properties of lipid bilayer.

Use of TDA 2.0™ is straightforward and significantly less challenging than traditional membrane reconstitution procedures. Membrane protein assays developed in conjunction with TDA 2.0™ exhibit dramatic increases in enzymatic activity, improved physiological buffer compatibility, and a preference for biologically-relevant substrates.

“Through HTRF, Cisbio Bioassays has developed extensive expertise in the field of kinase enzyme screening tools,” explains François Degorce, director of marketing and communications at Cisbio Bioassays. “The combination of these two proven technologies in this area allows us to provide an even more robust and efficient solution for studying these key therapeutic targets, particularly in oncology research,” he concludes.

The HTRF platform offers a broad choice of reagents and kits for high throughput screening of kinases, whether Tyrosine (Tyr) or Serine/Threonine (Ser/Thr). Thus researchers have a universally-applicable technology for screening and studying major human kinome targets, and an economical solution in terms of implementation and development time.

Furthermore, SmartScreen™ kits containing TDA 2.0™ developed by Blue Sky BioProducts offer a pre-validated, high-quality enzyme, substrate, and reaction buffers that are particularly suitable for HTRF technology.

”Template-directed assembly using TDA 2.0™ is an exciting advancement that provides researchers with a simple tool to develop HTS assays that more closely mimic physiological conditions than can be achieved with isolated catalytic domains,” states Dr. Scott Gridley, director of the BioProducts division at Blue Sky. “Performing assays with membrane associated kinases using TDA 2.0™ in combination with HTRF® detection enables unparalleled results.”