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Bruker Announces Availability of New HUPO World Congress Proteomics Posters on Web Site

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Bruker Daltonics has announced the availability of its HUPO World Congress proteomics, biomarker discovery, and mass spectrometry poster presentations on its website at http://www.bdal.com/.

The Bruker proteomics and bioinformatics presentations include:

1) Protein Characterization and General Mass Spectrometry

• Novel CID Fragmentation Techniques in Ion Traps for Improved Peptide Characterization Poster M103

• Sequence Characterization of Intact Proteins by Consecutive Ion/Ion Reactions: ETD and subsequent PTR Poster M108

2) Cancer and Biomarker Proteomics

• A New Sensor-Controlled Preparation Technique for MALDI Tissue Imaging Poster M102

• Towards Stable Diagnostic Setups in Clinical Proteomics: Absolute Quantitation of Peptide Biomarkers Using Immuno-Capturing and MALDI-TOF MS Poster M74

• Standardization of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry based proteomic profiling Poster M75

• LC-MALDI Top-Down Profiling for Biomarker Detection and Identification Poster T11

• Class Imaging: Classification of Breast Cancer Sections by MALDI Tissue Imaging Poster T175

3) Glycoproteomics

• Relative Quantification of Glyco-Proteins from Yeast Lysate by Means of ConA Capturing, ICPL Labeling and MALDI-TOF MS Poster T341

• Full Glycoprotein Characterization by the Combination of High Resolution-CID and Ion Trap-ETD Poster T345

• Automated LC-MALDI Analysis of Glycopeptides from Glycoprotein Digests using DHB as Matrix Poster T348

• Glycosylation Profiling of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) Subclasses Poster T384

4) Metabolomics

• Detailed Investigation of the Fragmentation of aminopyridinyl-imidazole based MAPKinase Inhibitors using Accurate MS(n) and Isotopic Pattern Data Poster M291

• Analysis of the Intraspecies Variation of Secondary Metabolite Production by Myxococcus xanthus using ESI-TOF-MS and PCA Poster M327

5) Bioinformatics

• Support Vector Classification of Proteomic Profile Spectra using Discrete Wavelet. Transformation and Statistical Feature Selection for Diagnosis and Biomarker Discovery Poster T174

• Managing Proteomics Data from Data Generation and Data Warehousing to Central Data Repository and Journal Reviewing Poster W294

• Decoy Strategy Applied to a Multi Workflow Proteomics Approach Poster W295

• Software-supported Process Optimization for Magnetic Beads Purification of Glycoproteins Poster W296

• Comprehensive and Reliable Analysis of the Human Serum Glycoproteome Poster W298

• High-Throughput Data Management of Shotgun IEF Results by ProteinScape Poster W322

• Hyphenated Tools for Lipidomics Poster M195

Professor Herbert Thiele, the company's Director of Bioinformatics, said, "Our scientists are particularly pleased to have presented such a wide array of advanced proteomics information and solutions again this year at the HUPO World Congress. From vendors' points of view, Bruker is seen as one of the most active players in the HUPO Brain Proteome Project -- since the very beginning of this initiative. Our expertise in mass spectrometry and bioinformatics covering a broad range of different applications was again very present at the 2007 HUPO World Congress and very visible in all of our varied and different scientific contributions."

"The HUPO Congresses are always a big event for us here at Bruker, where we present significant new proteomics information. Our important new product announcements at HUPO 2007, held in the Asia Pacific region this time, included PTR methodology, Compass(TM) 1.3 and ProteinScape (TM) 2 software advances. These innovations are significant and have been particularly well received," added Clive Seymour, Vice President for Asia and the Pacific.

"With our novel new ProteinScape 2 software, Bruker Daltonics has introduced a next-generation bioinformatics platform addressing scientists' current needs in biomarker profiling, quantification and validation," emphasized Dr. Detlev Suckau, Director of Proteomics.