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Bruker AXS and Bruker Optics Introduce D8 SCREENLAB™

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Bruker AXS Inc. has launched D8 SCREENLAB™, a screening system which combines the analytical power of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction (XRD2) and Raman spectroscopy, at Pittcon 2006. 

The D8 SCREENLAB integrates the Bruker AXS D8 DISCOVER XRD2 system for combinatorial materials screening with the Bruker Optics Raman probe into one combined advanced materials discovery solution.

In the D8 SCREENLAB, the X-ray source, optics and 2D X-ray detector, as well as the laser source, the Raman probe and an auto-zoomed video microscope are all integrated into one single platform.

As a result, the X-ray diffraction pattern, the Raman spectrum as well as the optical image from the same sample can be obtained in one sample run from a materials library.

The PolySNAP™ pattern matching software of the D8 SCREENLAB is designed to allow the processing of XRD2 and Raman data, and correlates the analysis results.

Professor Chris Frampton, Chief Scientific Officer for Pharmorphix Ltd., Cambridge, UK, states, "Combinatorial discovery and optimization methods require rapid screening to evaluate variations of composition, structure and property within advanced materials libraries."

"While X-ray diffraction provides information on the atomic arrangement in the sample, Raman spectroscopy measures the characteristic vibration frequencies determined by the chemical bonds."

"Both X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy are non-destructive methods that require little or no sample preparation, thus allowing samples to be analyzed simply and quickly in their natural form."

"A combined instrument with both XRD and Raman capabilities is very beneficial to high-throughput combinatorial screening in advanced materials and catalyst discovery."

"In the pharmaceutical industry, screening based on spectroscopic and diffraction techniques can be important for drug formulations since the polymorphism of active ingredients has to be controlled to achieve reliable product quality which will satisfy regulatory authorities."

"The addition of Raman spectroscopy provides even better discrimination in cases where the X-ray data are ambiguous."

Dr. Bob He, Director of R&D for Bruker AXS, adds, "Scientists and engineers from both Bruker AXS and Bruker Optics worked jointly to integrate the best technologies from the two companies into this innovative systems solution."

"With the combination of two analytical methods, the novel D8 SCREENLAB allows our customers to explore new opportunities in advanced materials research."

The D8 SCREENLAB will be exhibited at the Bruker AXS booth, #3155 at Pittcon 2006.