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Caliper Launches "Desktop Profiler" for In-house Kinase Profiling

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Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. has launched the Desktop Profiler, a bench-top system for kinase profiling, at the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS) conference and exhibition in Seattle.

As biotech and pharmaceutical companies continue to explore the potential of kinases as viable drug targets, research scientists increasingly need to understand how drug candidates interact with the hundreds of different kinase enzymes present in the human body.

This "kinase profiling" is necessary to identifying potential side effects of therapeutic candidates.

Historically, cost constraints have limited the ability of therapeutic laboratories to conduct in-house profiling.

Desktop Profiler is designed to provide targeted research laboratories with a system to profile compounds against a diverse kinase panel.

The Desktop Profiler works in conjunction with ProfilerPro kinase panel kits, also launched at SBS.

ProfilerPro microplates are pre-loaded with kinases, substrates and reagents, eliminating assay development and reducing experiment set-up time.

Additionally, the Desktop Profiler utilizes Caliper's LabChip microfluidic-based screening technology to yield high-quality, reproducible data that helps researchers qualify drug candidates.

"The launch of the Desktop Profiler is an important part of our larger strategy to bridge in vitro and in vivo experimentation and enhance the clinical relevancy of drug discovery and development-for all researchers," said Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences.

"The Desktop Profiler generates meaningful in vitro data to identify drug candidates that won't drop out during in vivo studies."

The Desktop Profiler and ProfilerPro kinase panel profiling kits will be available in November. The Desktop Profiler is currently on display at the 12th annual Society for Biomolecular Sciences conference and exhibition in Seattle.