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Caliper Life Sciences Introduces EZ Reader Series for In-house Kinase Profiling

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Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. has launched the Caliper LabChip® EZ Reader™ Series, delivering a complete range of products for in-house kinase profiling.

The series, which complements the existing LabChip 3000 system includes the EZ Reader II system, a bench-top reader to use for real-time kinetic analysis with push-button operation, and the EZ Reader system, formerly the DeskTop Profiler™ system.

Each product in the EZ Reader Series utilizes Caliper's LabChip microfluidic-based screening technology to yield high-quality, reproducible data to help pharmaceutical researchers confidently qualify potential lead candidates.

The company says that the EZ Reader Series features systems that profile compounds against a diverse kinase panel in a timely manner. The Series complements Caliper's existing offerings for kinase profiling.

The EZ Reader system features a four-sipper Caliper LabChip microfluidic device, while the EZ Reader II system provides a choice of either a 4-sipper or a 12-sipper LabChip device to run assays with up to three times higher throughput.

The EZ Reader II system also enables real time kinetic analysis, allowing researchers to study enzyme behavior over time in mechanism-of-action (MOA) studies. Its compact, bench-top size and push-button operation delivers a high level of functionality. Caliper's ProfilerPro™ kinase reagent profiling kit, which allows broad range kinase profiling in-house, accompanies each system.

"The EZ Reader II system extends the benefits of Caliper's LabChip technology to academic laboratories, small biotech companies and distributed therapeutic groups," said Rick Bunch, Business Unit Manager, LabChip Systems, Caliper Life Sciences. "Its inclusion in the EZ Reader series demonstrates Caliper's commitment to delivering technology and services that fulfill a broad range of customer needs."

The EZ Reader II system is currently on display at the Drug Discovery & Development of Innovative Therapeutics (DDT) conference in Boston.