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CareDx Acquires MediGO, an Organ Transplant Supply Chain and Logistics Company

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CareDx, Inc. announced the acquisition of MediGO, Inc. in a strategic move to expand its digital health portfolio to serve the organ procurement organization (OPO) market while also bolstering its pre-transplant offerings aimed at shortening transplant wait times and increasing access to donated organs.

“MediGO shares our patient-centric mission to improve the transplant journey and brings a wealth of expertise to CareDx. By leveraging our combined strengths, we will drive operational efficiencies, accelerate innovation, and deliver even greater value to the transplant ecosystem by addressing the serious organ transplant shortage,” said Reg Seeto, CEO and President of CareDx. “The MediGO acquisition is in line with our mission, long-term growth strategy, and we’re excited to invest in this best-in-class offering that is well-proven and rapidly gaining adoption.”

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MediGO is dedicated to combatting the challenges surrounding access to donated organs by digitally transforming donation and transplantation workflows to increase organ utilization and save more lives. Its comprehensive software platform optimizes complex logistics from referral to recovery, and during the critical movement of organs and teams, giving OPOs and transplant centers the ability to unify decentralized stakeholders, coordinate resources, and make vital decisions with the goal of increasing organ utilization and improving equity and access to transplantation.

"We are thrilled to join forces with CareDx.  CareDx and MediGO hold shared values and a mission to deliver transformational solutions that improve the transplant patient journey," said Scott Plank, Executive Chairman and Founder of MediGO. "Combining MediGO's network, real-time data, and predictive analytics with CareDx's digital health platform capabilities, we are better poised to deliver next-generation data-driven patient solutions. With MediGO's people and technology solutions and CareDx, we expect to make a greater impact through this collaboration. We look forward to expanding our current offerings to OPOs, couriers, and hospitals, and scaling the organ transplant system to deliver lifesaving organs and better outcomes for all who need them."

“We're beyond excited that MediGO is joining CareDx. This synergistic partnership combines research-driven innovation and the best of clinical care. It's an important step that will drive quality and critical access to transplantation for future generations of patients in need,” said Dr. Joseph Scalea, Co-founder, and Chief Medical Officer of MediGO, and Professor of Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina.