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Chata Biosystems Launches Automated Solution Preparation System 'CHEM+MIX'

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Chata Biosystems has announced the launch of its latest product, the CHEM+MIX Automated Solution Preparation System.

This system will be showcased at Chata’s booth 2609 during the 2006 Pittsburgh Conference in Orlando, Florida.

CHEM+MIX is a PC-controlled system that is designed to fully automate the preparation and pH adjustment of chemical solutions such as HPLC mobile phases, buffers, blended organic solvents and aqueous solutions.

Chata claims that, using CHEM+MIX, lab personnel have the ability to quickly and easily prepare accurate and consistent solutions, store solution preparation procedures on their computers, print GLP-certified documentation, and reproduce solutions - all at the touch of a button.

"Labs continue to be under significant pressure to boost productivity and cut costs, despite heavier workloads and fewer resources," said Jerald Kuiken, CEO of CHATA.

"With the hands-free automation of CHEM+MIX, lab personnel gain substantially more time every week to focus on analysis instead of solution prep."

CHEM+MIX comes standard with the A-1 unit for combining up to six separate solvents, the pH-1 unit for automatically adjusting pH levels, a compact printer, a Dell Optiplex desktop computer, and pre-installed, GLPcompliant solution management software.