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Cisbio international Expands List of Serine/Threonine Kinases Validated using HTRF® KinEASE™

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Cisbio international has announced that it has expanded the list of kinases validated using its universal HTRF® KinEASE™ platform to include 34 additional kinases. 

Launched in March 2006, HTRF® KinEASE™ is a universal and sensitive assay for the screening of Serine/Threonine (Ser/Thr) kinases, major targets in drug discovery. 

With these additions, Cisbio has now validated its assay platform on 104 Ser/Thr kinases. 

HTRF® KinEASE™, developed in collaboration with Upstate USA, Inc., is based on a combination of 3 biotinylated substrates, a single proprietary monoclonal antibody and Cisbio’s patented HTRF® technology and can be used for kinase selectivity assays and high-throughput screening.

With the imminent addition of another peptide substrate, Cisbio will continue to develop this program with regular increments of validated kinases.

“The adoption of HTRF® KinEASE™ has been extraordinary since its launch,” said François Degorce, head of HTRF® marketing & business development at Cisbio.  “Clients have produced outstanding data using HTRF® KinEASE™ not only with Cisbio validated kinases, but also using Serine/Threonine kinases not previously assessed by Cisbio, attesting to the robustness of the reagents and HTRF® technology.  We strongly believe that our antibody-based kinase screening platform fulfills our customers' expectations in terms of assay reliability and sensitivity.”

In addition to HTRF® KinEASE™, Cisbio offers a line of toolbox reagents and custom labeling and assay development services for the creation of highly specific Ser/Thr and tyrosine kinase assays, all based on its HTRF® technology. 

This offers customers the ability to use a single technology for both universal and specific kinase assays.