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Codexis Introduces Codex™ Biocatalyst Panels

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Codexis, Inc. introduces the Codex™ Biocatalyst Panels, a next-generation research product enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to harness the power of biocatalysts to increase R&D and manufacturing productivity.

The Codex Panels will be shown for the first time this week at Informex USA 2007 in San Francisco (February 13-16).

"This product launch represents a significant evolution in our product offerings to pharmaceutical companies. Use of the Codex Panels can cut biocatalyst development time from months to weeks, and gives researchers hands-on insight into the applicability of our MolecularBreeding™ technology. Resulting development processes based on Codexis custom biocatalysts can reduce cost of goods and capital expenditures over many years," said Alan Shaw, Ph.D., Codexis President and Chief Executive Officer.

"Until now, Codexis technology has been used for drug candidates selectively brought to us by innovator pharmaceutical manufacturers. The new panel approach enables customers to apply Codexis technology broadly in-house to identify optimizable biocatalytic process solutions for multiple drug candidates across their pipelines.

Implementing customized biocatalytic processes early in the product life cycle can have a profound effect on our customers' R&D and manufacturing efficiency and their competitive position, through cost reduction and creation of new intellectual property. It represents a major growth opportunity for Codexis," Dr. Shaw added.