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CombiSep Introduces the pKa Analyzer PRO™ System

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CombiSep has announced the release of the pKa Analyzer PRO™, the system in the CombiSep PRO series of dedicated analyzers. 

The system was introduced at the Drug Discovery Technology 2005 Conference in Boston, August 8 – 12. 

Future analyzers will target additional key pharmaceutical and biotechnology assays.

The pKa Analyzer PRO™ determines the acid dissociation constants (pKa values) of water soluble and insoluble compounds. 

Values can be accurately determined in the presence of impurities. 

The Software seamlessly integrates the collection of electrophoretic separation data, the calculation of compound pKa values, and the reporting/exporting of experimental results. 

Predefined separation methods reduce interlaboratory variability and enable the user to focus on the pKa results. 

A throughput of up to 12 compounds/h can be achieved for aqueous pKa analysis over 24 pH values.

CombiSep claims that soluble and insoluble compounds can be analyzed and Log P measurements can also be performed with an optional upgrade.

“The pKa Analyzer PRO™ is a dedicated system for measuring a parameter vitally important in drug discovery,” says Mark McDonald, COO at CombiSep.

“This property provides an indication of the ability of an orally administered drug to be absorbed and diffused across cellular membranes into the bloodstream.”

“For Drug Discovery, by obtaining this information early in the development process, more compounds can fill the pipeline that have a better chance of becoming products, thereby saving pharmaceutical companies significantly by ‘Failing Early and Failing Often’ ”. 

“The analyzers are designed to provide a ‘plug and play’ package for high throughput sample analysis, data interpretation and reporting.” 

“All of our new analyzers will be designed to address key issues within the pharma and biotech industries,” says Shelley Coldiron, CEO at CombiSep. 

“Our analyzers will provide fast, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.” 

“And, as always, our systems will be backed and supported by our talented and friendly technical team.”

CombiSep’s cePRO 9600™ is designed to allow researchers to analyze up to 96 samples in parallel. 

Applications for biomolecules include: protein analysis, DNA sizing, amino acid analysis and oligonucleotide purity determination. 

Other applications include high-throughput screening and separation of small molecules. 

Reagent kits are available for performing pKa and log P analysis, protein sizing, dsDNA sizing, and oligonucleotide purity analysis.