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Custom Specified Laboratory Apparatus

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Drawing upon the in-depth knowledge of its technical staff and a flexible production facility - Asynt is able to offer organizations custom specified laboratory apparatus exactly meeting the demands of their application or project.

Asynt custom services draw upon expertise in areas including high pressure reactors, heating / cooling block technology, scientific glassware, PTFE components and apparatus as well as noise and safety enclosures.

As a respected international supplier of off-the-shelf pressure reactors, Asynt has the knowledge to also offer a totally bespoke solution for pressure reactors ranging from just a few millilitres to 50 litres capacity and different construction materials for corrosive and caustic materials.

Likewise Asynt offers labs the opportunity to source a customized version of their market-leading DrySyn range of heating and cooling blocks tailored to suit their needs, or even design a new heating / cooling block specifically for users.

With over 30 years of dealing with custom glassblowing solutions - Asynt can help users with many of their custom glassware needs, whether they require just a small adapter or a fully bespoke glass reactor system.

Asynt has considerable experience in engineering durable PTFE components and apparatus including custom reactor lids, stirrers, temperature probes and filter systems. Additionally Asynt has developed capability for producing custom enclosures ranging from basic glove boxes right through to specialist noise reduction enclosures.

Over the last decade - Asynt has provided many custom solutions to customers around the world who have found the service to provide a cost efficient solution to the analytical challenges they encounter.