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Deerac Fluidics Launches High Throughput Liquid Handling System

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Deerac Fluidics is launching its new and improved Equator HTS/2 system at Lab Automation 2007 in Palm Springs.

According to Company, this system is the next generation of the Equator™ series of liquid handling systems for rapid assembly of low volume assays. The Equator HTS/2 can double the throughput of the standard Equator HTS system.

Designed for use in automated systems, the Equator HTS/2 has two automated plate positions. Both plate positions in the HTS/2 are accessible to robotic arms, enabling unattended operation.

The two plate positions can be used as source and destination plate positions, or as dual destination plates using a separate on-deck reagent reservoir. In field testing, the HTS/2 has been used to set up 1,000 384-well plates/day.

Deerac’s products are based on the patented spot-on™ technology, the Equator™ and Latitude™ liquid handling systems can provide high speed, low microliter and sub-microliter liquid handling for genomics, proteomics, and high-throughput screening applications.