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Double Chamber Cartridges Support Patient Safety and Adhearance for Sensitive Drug Products

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Many new drug products have to be stored in freeze-dried form to keep them stable. They need to be reconstituted before injection including multiple preparation steps. For such sensitive drug formulations, SCHOTT’s new double chamber cartridges provide an interesting packaging option: They contain two drug components in two consecutive chambers that are separated by a plunger.

A bypass in the glass barrel then allows for the contents – for example a freeze dried formulation and a diluent - to mix right before the drug is injected. Because of its high dosage accuracy, the system is safe and convenient for the patient especially when used with highly concentrated drugs.

“Many new drugs are initially made available as lyophilisates because manufacturers are looking for a way to store the active ingredients in a stable manner,” said SCHOTT Product Manager Andrea Wesp. “If manufacturers opt for a double chamber cartridge, they don’t have to accept any compromises. The components can be stored, protected, reconstituted quite easily and then administered in the safest and most convenient way – four advantages at once.”

Compatible with various pen systems

The application is very simple. When the pen lock is turned, the plunger will be pushed to the level of the bypass, and the liquid will flow into the anterior chamber through the nearly 0.1 millimeter narrow opening. It will then mix with the second component. The final drug can then be injected without any risk of contamination and in the exact dosage by simply triggering the pen.

SCHOTT double chamber cartridges are compatible with the most commonly used pen systems and can be adapted to meet customer needs. For example, the position of the bypass can be changed or the edges can be modified. “This is important if a drug manufacturer wants to fill the drug directly in powder form,” product manager Andrea Wesp added. Alternatively, the active ingredient can also be filled in liquid form and then be lyophilized inside a freeze dryer.