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Echo® MS Center of Excellence Launches at SCIEX Headquarters

Scientists at the opening of the new MS center cutting a red ribbon.
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SCIEX, celebrates the opening of the Echo® MS Center of Excellence. The center builds on the SCIEX culture of innovation and features a world-class demonstration laboratory that will serve as a portal to building strategic customer collaborations. The center is outfitted with two automation solutions, each coupled to their own SCIEX Echo® MS system. This combined offering aims to showcase comprehensive and customizable workflows for high-throughput screening, HT-ADME and synthetic biology studies. 

Through this dynamic and interactive showroom, we will partner with clients to discover their unmet needs and deliver high-value answers for their most important workflows, thus creating a culture of knowledge, interactive support and growth. 

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“The Echo® MS Center of Excellence is an example of our commitment to innovation at large. Innovation can come in the form of technology, as well as software, but the ultimate innovation is what we enable customers to do. If we can help shape the workflows that allow them to overcome their most pressing challenges, then we have achieved the ultimate innovation,” said Joe Fox, President at SCIEX, at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “At SCIEX, we are not iterative, we have always been aspirational. The workflows that the Echo® MS system allows is a model of that.”