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Edpidarex Exeed Aims To Advance Innovation in Drug Discovery

Edpidarex Exeed Aims To Advance Innovation in Drug Discovery content piece image
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Epidarex Capital has announced the launch of its therapeutic discovery engine, Epidarex Exeed Ltd. (Exeed). Focused on advancing early stage, innovative life science assets, Exeed aims to pair world-class science with leading drug discovery, project management and CRO partners under the leadership of an experienced management team, with seed funds provided by Epidarex Capital.

Exeed has been founded to efficiently and rapidly transform breakthrough life science innovations into investable assets over a period of 12-18 months. The Exeed team, led by CEO Dr. Henning Steinhagen, with Daniel Gill and Richard Brooks in Operational and Finance roles, will provide significant hands-on support to de-risk early stage programs.

Dr Henning Steinhagen, CEO of Epidarex Exeed, said: “There is a clear need for early stage capital and capabilities that can validate and progress breakthrough life science innovation to a point where traditional VC investors are ready to fund companies and lead Series A investments. Epidarex Exeed will help to fulfil that need.”