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Efficient Fluorescent Probes for HTS

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Pharmaleads, a French biotech specialized in the custom design of substrates and inhibitors for all types of proteases announces the availability of its new FLUOFAST® PROTEASE technology for the rapid identification of a fluorogenic substrate for a given PROTEASE from a large proprietary substrate library.

The patented process of FLUOFAST® relies on the fluorogenic activity of Pyrenylalanine(Pya) separated from a quencher (Nop) by 0 to 5 amino-acids. This motif was introduced by Pharmaleads in a very small water soluble peptide.

The resulting peptide substrates are organized in a library that is used for rapid screening that leads to the identification of a substrate for a known protease.

According to Pharmaleads, FLUOFAST® PROTEASE represents a significant improvement for HTS managers and senior scientists: the very strong fluorescence provided by Pya means a high sensitivity of the identified substrate and the identified substrate is very easy to handle in further analytical and HTS processes.

Moreover Pharmaleads can bring its expertise to the design of a substrate for a given protease which needs to meet specific requirements such as a high affinity or similarity to the physiological substrate.