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ELRIG UK and British Pharmacological Society: Collaborating To Improve Scientific Exchange in Drug Discovery

ELRIG UK and British Pharmacological Society: Collaborating To Improve Scientific Exchange in Drug Discovery content piece image
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The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) UK and the British Pharmacological Society, have announced that they have formed a strategic alliance. The two-year agreement offers the organizations the opportunity to benefit from each other’s scientific communities to help strengthen their positions and reach. Members of ELRIG UK and the British Pharmacological Society will gain access to new openings for scientific exchange and collaboration between industry, academia and the clinic to help drive the successful discovery and development of new medicines across the UK.

The two groups work in complementary sectors of the UK pharmaceutical and biotech industries, academia and clinical pharmacology. The alliance creates a framework for joint working on a variety of activities that will support both communities, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach that better facilitates the exchange of ideas and information. ELRIG UK and the British Pharmacological Society have committed to hosting joint and complementary meetings. The alliance also offers both groups a wider reach, to help grow their audiences, and create exciting new opportunities for early career professionals’ education and training.

ELRIG UK’s mission is to provide leading-edge knowledge to the life sciences community on an open access basis, via a programme of scientific meetings and events. The British Pharmacological Society promotes and advances pharmacology by hosting conferences, publishing peer-reviewed journals and supporting the development of educational materials and policy proposals.

Steve Rees, Chairman of ELRIG UK, and VP of Discovery Biology at AstraZeneca, said: “The strategic alliance with the British Pharmacological Society formalizes a joint goal of growth in the industrial and academic segments, and recognizes the harmonies between our organizations. Joining forces will help us improve education, networking and other services available to our communities, allowing us to become more impactful advocates for the life sciences industry.”

Professor Steve Hill, President of the British Pharmacological Society, and Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Nottingham, added: “We recognize that modern drug discovery is a multi-stakeholder process, and that professionals are likely to move between sectors throughout the course of their working lives. It therefore makes sense for our programmes to represent all facets of drug discovery, and we look forward to working with ELRIG UK to help achieve this goal.”