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Enabling More Efficient Compound and Reagent Sourcing

Enabling More Efficient Compound and Reagent Sourcing content piece image
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MolPort, an e-commerce platform with expertise in compound sourcing, has announced its expansion into the US with the opening of MolPort Inc. This new business unit will further streamline the compound ordering process for its many US customers, who will benefit from faster, more efficient ordering and payment procedures, as well as improved customs navigations. MolPort combines specialized expertise and software tools for compound sourcing with an extensive database of over 7.6 million stock compounds from more than 60 industry-leading suppliers. In doing so, MolPort enables scientists to focus on their research and not on the often lengthy and complex procurement process.

For over a decade, MolPort’s compound sourcing has been helping scientists accelerate drug discovery and compound screening programmes. By combining natural compounds and other small molecules and building blocks from multiple suppliers, scientists are able to place a single order that includes entities from across different catalogues to generate the best library for their requirements.

MolPort consolidates its commercially available compound database by integrating catalogues from multiple suppliers to produce a single searchable e-commerce platform. It is updated and synchronized with supplier inventories daily. The database can be accessed through an advanced and powerful structure search or list search. Ordering can take place via the online e-shop, or integrated with a company’s procurement system.