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Eremid® Genomic Services Partners With Semaphore Solutions To Implement Cutting-Edge Labbit LIMS

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Eremid® Genomic Services, LLC (“Eremid”) announces a strategic partnership with Semaphore Solutions. Eremid will implement Semaphore’s Labbit LIMS across its research, clinical, and training labs, a move that will advance its laboratory operations in customized contract research.


Already delivering the highest data quality, Eremid will use Labbit to take its end-to-end clinical genomics services to the next level. Labbit will support the development of molecular diagnostics by helping the Eremid team streamline workflows, simplify project management, and advance collaboration capabilities – all while aligning with CLIA quality standards.

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Eremid is dedicated to providing high-complexity genomics research and clinical genomics testing. It offers access to the latest in short- and long-read genomics technologies and automation to support the development of cutting-edge molecular diagnostics. Semaphore has created Labbit as a next-generation LIMS that evolves as the science advances, making it an ideal fit to support Eremid’s expanding needs. Labbit is designed to be easy to maintain, flexible, and scalable. It also adheres to FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) data principles with full data provenance, aligning with Eremid’s commitment to meet and exceed regulatory compliance and quality assurance.


“Our collaboration with Semaphore marks the next step up in our commitment to precision, collaboration, and scalability, delivering cutting-edge molecular diagnostics to the highest industry standards,” comments Julian Abery, Chief Business Officer at Eremid. “Our world-class scientific team sees significant benefits in integrating Labbit into our operations. It will help streamline our workflows, make project data more accessible, and enhance the quality, efficiency, and reliability of the genomic services we provide.”


“Eremid is exactly the kind of laboratory Semaphore had in mind when we set out to build Labbit,” says Peter Smith, CEO of Semaphore Solutions. “Labbit is a highly versatile and configurable platform, uniquely suited to support not only the varied requirements across clinical, research, and training laboratories, but also the dynamic and evolving nature of CROs. We are very pleased to be helping Eremid deliver excellence in genomics services to its clients.”