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FEI’s Automated 3D Crystallography Featured at Pittcon

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FEI Company has announced that it will feature its EBS3 DualBeam™ solution for rapid serial sectioning and 3D crystallographic reconstructions of materials at Pittcon conference in Orlando. 

The fully integrated solution, utilizes an FEI DualBeam (FIB/SEM) system with an EBSD detector and advanced automation software. EBS3 is an optimized extension to Slice and View technology pioneered by FEI.

While Slice and View generates serial images for 3D image reconstruction, EBS3 also provides crystallographic information, including serial EBSD orientation maps for quantitative 3D grain reconstruction, using the crystal orientation of each individual voxel within the volume of interest.

The automated data collection procedure includes accurate (re)positioning between the milling location and the EBSD location to accommodate the geometry requirements for both operations.  

"EBS3 users are now able to obtain a wealth of crystallographic information from a sample, including the orientation, position, size and shape of grains and phases within internal interfaces as well as grain boundary related data," said Hamish Fraser of OSU.

"A 3D view of these characteristics was previously an extremely difficult and time consuming endeavor."

"This will enhance research for 3D FE (finite element) modeling, alloy development, grain boundary engineering, and validation of stereological corrections. It will also result in faster development cycles for new nano-enabled materials."
Pittcon attendees can learn more about EBS3 and FEI’s entire range of solutions for NanoResearch and Industry, NanoElectronics and NanoBiology by visiting the FEI booth (2045) at the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando.