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Flow Chemistry Enables Economic Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Flow Chemistry Enables Economic Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients content piece image
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Uniqsis has installed a 4-channel FlowSyn™ flow chemistry system in the Riley Research Group Laboratories at the University of Pretoria (South Africa).

The Riley Research Group is well known for its development of novel pharmaceuticals using flow synthesis, reaction engineering and the development of new chemical reactors. Currently, the Riley group medicinal chemistry team is focusing on lead discovery and computational modeling aimed at the identification and development of new anti-Alzheimer’s agents.

Dr. Darren Riley, head of the group commented: "My team is actively involved in flow chemistry process development for economic and green manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the South African market".

He added: "Flow chemistry in microreactors has many advantages over batch processing including better reproducibility and scalability, improved yields and fewer problems with unstable intermediates or exothermic reactions. We chose a FlowSyn™ flow chemistry system from Uniqsis as they are widely proven to handle everything from homogeneous single reactions to complex, multi-reagent reactions. We also factored into our choice the knowledgeable technical and applications support provided by the staff at Uniqsis to my team of chemists".