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Fluidic Analytics Invites Scientists to “Be the One-With a Great Idea”

Fluidic Analytics Invites Scientists to “Be the One-With a Great Idea”  content piece image
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Fluidic Analytics, specialists in protein analysis and the company behind in-solution diffusional sizing, is inviting scientists to participate in a competition for a chance to use the new Fluidity One-W to investigate a protein interaction of their choice. This newest instrument from Fluidic Analytics aims to transform the field of protein interaction analysis and will launch in November at the PEGS Europe Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Fluidic Analytics is announcing the opening of its ‘Be the One-With a great idea’ competition on stand F4 at the ELRIG Drug Discovery conference in Liverpool, UK. The winning researcher will receive a three-month instrument placement, as well as consumables and training to help study their proposed protein interaction with this groundbreaking new technique.

Dr Andrew Lynn, CEO of Fluidic Analytics commented; “We understand that great ideas need the right tools to make them a success, which is why we’ve created our ‘Be the One-With a great idea’ competition. We want to recognize researchers with great ideas that have been frustrated by the lack of appropriate tools to understand protein interactions, and provide them with the enabling technology to bring their ideas to life. This competition reflects our long-term vision at Fluidic: a world where detailed insights about proteins and their interactions transforms our understanding of biology. We believe the next big breakthroughs will come from researchers armed with a better understanding of protein interactions – and we’re building the tools to make that happen.”

Fluidic Analytics’ breakthrough Fluidity One-W instrument allows researchers to study protein interactions in-solution and in complex biological backgrounds such as crude lysates or blood plasma. This delivers the ability to work with even difficult to study proteins such as membrane proteins, multi-protein complexes, and intrinsically disordered proteins – many of which are important drug targets. Furthermore, as it reports the absolute size of the bound and unbound species, stoichiometry and the nature of binding can be assessed at the same time as binding affinity – giving a complete picture on the binding event.

Dr Sean Devenish, Head of R&D and one of the judges for the competition said; “This approach is allowing researchers to make breakthroughs. We’ve seen multiple people in early trials of the Fluidity One-W getting answers about protein interactions that they couldn’t study previously. We hope this competition will open the doors for even more people to do the same.”