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Freeze Drying Sample Extractor Ensures Effective Cycle Development

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SP Industries Inc. has announced the introduction of a new generation Sample Thief™ sample extractor accessory for its Virtis Genesis range of freeze dryers.

Proven to remove samples from the freeze dryer without disturbing the process facilitates - researchers in many organizations worldwide routinely use a Sample Thief to ensure effective cycle development.

Constructed from clear acrylic the new generation Sample Thief provides scientists with improved visibility throughout the product chamber enabling unhindered removal of samples during the freeze-drying process.

Offering stable fine control the claw removal device facilitates extracting even small size vials eliminating errors caused by disturbing adjacent vials and stoppers.

Using the new Sample Thief - several samples can be removed and stoppered (under an inert Nitrogen blanket if desired) at once. In addition, the sealing has been improved so that there is virtually no pressure excursion in the product chamber upon opening the inner antechamber door.

Company says that the vial removal has been improved so the operator simply breaks vacuum on the outer antechamber, lowers the outer door and reaches in to remove the sample. The new sample extractor is available for retrofit installation on existing Virtis Genesis freeze dryer systems.