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GE Healthcare Introduces ÄKTAprocess

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GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company has introduced the ÄKTAprocess low pressure liquid chromatography system for accurate and reproducible purification in downstream processing.

ÄKTAprocess is a configurable manufacturing system that promotes process efficiency and reliability, and complies with regulatory requirements.

The configurable design concept is based on GE Healthcare's extensive experience in the design and manufacture of customized and standard systems.

The ÄKTAprocess platform offers the customer thousands of configuration possibilities so specific process demands can be met by choosing construction materials, flow rate ranges, valves, pumps and a variety of other options.

A configuration tool is designed to assist the customer in the selection of system components and options that speed the delivery of a tailored system.

“Today’s biopharmaceutical process development and manufacture demands reliable delivery of protein composition during downstream processing,” said Mats Grahn, VP of product management, Protein Separations, Uppsala, Sweden. 

“ÄKTAprocess is designed to enable faster time to market by increasing the speed and efficiency of process development and manufacturing.”

“Each system will be configured to the customer’s specific needs, and should these needs change in the future, the modular design of ÄKTAprocess makes it possible to alter the configuration.”

“For example customers can upgrade an isocratic system to a gradient system, or add extra inlet or outlet valves and thereby protect their investment.”

“ÄKTAprocess is compatible with our other ÄKTA™ systems, which means that is it very easy to scale-up from research to process development to full-scale production.”

The Company claims that, ÄKTAprocess can be incorporated into low-pressure chromatography processes and is compatible with all chromatography columns used in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The systems are manufactured with materials that conform to USP class VI. The materials are fully traceable, and are tested and classified according to USP (88) Biological Reactivity Test.

Extensive documentation is supplied with the system, and installation and qualification documentation is also available.