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GE Healthcare Launches His MultiTrap 96-Well Filter Plates

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GE Healthcare has announced the availability of His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP prepacked 96-well filter plates for convenient screening and rapid, high-throughput parallel purification of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins.

GE Healthcare claims that the His MultiTrap 96-well plates meet scientists' ever growing need for an efficient means of investigating and purifying histidine-tagged proteins in their genomic and proteomic research. 

To simplify workflow and save time by eliminating filtration, His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP can be loaded directly with unclarified lysates. The familiar 96-well plate format can be used with automated robotic systems as well as manually using centrifugation or vacuum.  

The combination of prepacked 96-well plates and efficient separation media results in fast and reliable purifications, says Allan Simpson, Vice President of Research & Analysis, Protein Separations at GE Healthcare.  For example, users can load unclarified lysates directly and purify 96 samples with up to 1 mg of histidine-tagged protein per well in as little as 60 minutes. 

His MultiTrap FF and His MultiTrap HP contain Ni Sepharose 6 Fast Flow and Ni Sepharose High Performance respectively.  Ni Sepharose media have low nickel (Ni2+) leakage and are compatible with a wide range of additives used in protein purification. Their availability in larger prepacked columns and as bulk media also simplifies scale-up.