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GE Healthcare Launches IN Cell Investigator v1.5 Software

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GE Healthcare announces the launch of IN Cell Investigator v1.5 software, the latest addition to the Investigator range of user-friendly image analysis tools for automated high content analysis of live and fixed cells.

The new features of the software provide users with the highest flexibility, meeting the needs of a wide range of image analysis activities in sub-cellular research and screening.

In addition to building on over 50 validated applications, the new features of IN Cell Investigator v1.5 facilitate:

· Whole Well Analysis: the generation of a panoramic image through image stitching of overlapping images enables the analysis of whole wells, larger cell populations and model organisms.

· Texture Analysis: for deeper insight into results, particularly for toxicology and cell cycle.

· 3D-angiogenic tubules formation analysis.

· De-clumping of heavily clustered colonies and populations containing binucleated cells, providing greater insight into stem cell colony analysis.

· Cell feature tracking to get a temporal perspective of cellular processes.

“The extended focus transformation feature has changed the way we conduct Drosophila fly brain analysis, enabling us to detect and analyze neurites in thick samples obviating the need to perform such analyses using confocal microscopy.” says Sebastian Munck from the Light Microscopy and Imaging Network at Leuven University, Belgium. “The image stitching feature of the IN Cell Investigator v1.5 is also very useful for various applications, such as small animal imaging, tissue fragments and culture imaging.”

In conjunction with the IN Cell Miner software, Investigator v1.5 offers a fully integrated solution for image analysis, data management and visualization that can be used with all IN Cell Analyzer systems from GE Healthcare, including the recently-launched IN Cell Analyzer 2000.

Additional options of the software facilitate the integration of high-content data from the IN Cell Analyzer with other third-party sources. High quality technical support is available for IN Cell Investigator v1.5, including onsite training courses and customized training based on individual requirements.