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GE Unveils Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer

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GE Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water & Process Technologies, has announced Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer.

Utilizing the Sievers laboratory TOC measurement technology, this automated Sievers 500 RL was designed to deliver science-based risk management capability to the production floor for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and other quality initiatives such as real-time pharmaceutical water release and on-line cleaning validation.

The reagentless Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer incorporates features such as the Super iOS. The Sievers Super iOS standards introduction device fully automates the delivery of multiple standards.

Featuring four vial ports that accept pre-built vial set cartridges, the Super iOS automates all system protocols including system suitability, verification, and calibration.

The Super iOS cartridges contain an embedded memory chip that stores and securely captures standards’ type, concentration, lot number, and expiration. 

That metadata is attached to the analytical results of the protocol. Data security is further enhanced by the availability of encrypted data output from the 500 RL.

The Sievers DataShare 500 software is designed to allow users to open the 500 RL’s encrypted data files for secure viewing and customized data report generation.

The Sievers 500 RL provides continuous quality assurance for on-line pharmaceutical water release and cleaning validation, supporting the industry focus on automating processes critical to improving manufacturing efficiencies.

The Sievers 500 RL is also designed for continuous monitoring of organics in ultrapure water for the microelectronics and power industries.

"Before designing the Sievers 500 RL, we investigated why so few companies were using TOC for real-time water release," said Stephen Poirier, VP of Business Development for GE Analytical Instruments.

"We learned that reliability was their main concern. Our customers told us they needed a much higher level of reliability and automation to achieve their real-time release quality initiatives."

"By incorporating the widely-validated Sievers laboratory TOC technology with new automation features in the 500 RL, we have essentially brought laboratory confidence to the production floor."

With a wide operating range of 0.2 ppb to 2,500 ppb, the 500 RL measures USP <645> conductivity.

The optional Sievers DataGuard 500 software facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, including system security assurance, electronic signature capability, and the creation of an automatic, independently generated audit trail.

The Sievers 500 RL can be seen at PITTCON 2006, Booth No. 2602 and 2603, and Interphex, Booth #1809.