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Genedata Announces Ono Pharmaceutical Transforms High-Throughput Screening with Genedata Screener

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Genedata has announced that ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD. (ONO) has extended its license of Genedata Screener® to capture, analyze, and manage high-throughput screening (HTS) data for ONO discovery research. Committed to developing original new drugs for patients worldwide, ONO will use Genedata Screener for HTS for streamlined workflows and accelerated data analysis.

Genedata Screener: Best-in-Class -- High-Speed Data Analysis
ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD. has committed to creating innovative medicines such as bioactive lipids and enzyme inhibitors. Cancer therapy and supporting treatment have become strategic areas as well. Using HTS technologies to quickly conduct hundreds of thousands of pharmacological tests, ONO requires a screening data analysis and management system that can keep pace with its advanced instrumentation.

“We have been using Screener for three years and have seen that data analysis from HTS campaigns goes faster with Screener. With workflows established, it is easy to setup data analysis before experiments start and we can easily change analysis methods during and after campaigns – which minimizes our analysis time.

Furthermore, Screener’s intuitive nature makes it easy for new users or users with no experience to quickly use Screener,” noted an HTS representative from ONO. “Compared to Excel-based analysis and other commercial products, we believe Screener has better processing speed and analysis capabilities.”

ONO also uses Genedata Screener to analyze data from fluorescence based assays in real-time kinetics. Access to the full time-trace at all stages of the data analysis allows identification of experimental artifacts and confirms the expected kinetics profile. Direct import of full resolution time-series data streamlines the data analysis workflow, which eliminates going back to instrument software when refining initial data aggregation.

And, as time traces can be seen during quality control and hit review, false positives are quickly identified and eliminated. This improves the efficiency of data analysis in ONO discovery research, which results in cost savings, time savings, and enhanced use of internal resources.

“Leading pharmaceutical companies increasingly rely on Genedata Screener and we are proud of our successful collaboration with ONO,” said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “ONO’s adoption of Screener to support their HTS workflows underscores Screener’s value add to customers. Furthermore, ONO mirrors a trend among Genedata customers who broadly capitalize on their instrument technology investments by leveraging Genedata Screener for a variety of screening activities.”