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Genedata Collaboration Yields Hit to Lead Solution

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Genedata has announced the release of an analysis module for identifying lead compounds from high throughput screening results.

The module was developed alongside screening experts at international pharmaceutical company Altana Pharma and enables visualization, annotation and detailed compound filtering on biological and chemical parameters.

The release Hit Profiler exploits semantic integration technologies to display screening results and a diverse range of compound information in a compound-centric, interactive table environment.

Semantic integration ensures that multiple concentration data is displayed as dose response curves that SMILES information is rendered as chemical structures, and so on.

Dr. Werner Stuermer, Head of HTS, Altana Pharma, worked closely with Genedata’s Screener team during development of the module.

Altana sought to filter lists of active and selective hits on the basis of biological and chemical considerations, including ADME/Tox information corresponding to chemical classes.

According to Dr. Stuermer, "lead selection has moved beyond simple activity and selectivity considerations and has become a truly multidimensional exercise."

A brief look at this year’s Society for Biomolecular Sciences conference program confirms the widened scope and sheer number of parameters used in lead selection.

Hit Profiler adheres to industry standards and can thus capture all kinds of discovery-relevant information.

Stuermer added, "Bringing together all that information is a significant bioinformatics challenge."

"We developed Hit Profiler to satisfy a need for concise hit and lead assessment," explained Dr. Stephan Heyse, Head of Genedata Screener.

Genedata has a long-standing collaboration with Dr. Stuermer’s team at Altana Pharma.

Dr. Heyse added, "The collaboration reflects Altana’s strong commitment to innovation-driven drug discovery."