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Geomagic Launches Knowledge Base Site

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Geomagic® has announced the launch of the Geomagic Knowledge Base. The Geomagic Knowledge Base, in beta, is a customer resource for knowledge sharing on Geomagic software and its application in digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP).

The Geomagic Knowledge Base, an extension of the company's website support section at forum.geomagic.com, is designed as a 24/7 interactive forum that will enable up-to-the-minute, information exchange on best-practice use of Geomagic software.

The beta release features regular postings of customer technical issues by Geomagic support staff, which will be augmented by content from partners and customers later this year.

"Our goal with the Geomagic Knowledge Base is to build a self-sustaining forum that builds community by offering the latest tools and information our customers can use to best leverage Geomagic software solutions and services," says Jim Johnson, Geomagic vice president of sales.

"The Knowledge Base is one more way we can ensure the success of our users in their work with Geomagic technology and DSSP."

"Geomagic has visibly put their focus on customer and partner needs," says Gabriele Graziosi, product manager, Microsystem Srl, a Geomagic technology partner.

"In addition to providing industrial-strength solutions like Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify, the Geomagic Knowledge Base is an example of Geomagic's leadership in providing an external service, training and support infrastructure for its partners and customers."