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Get the Most out of Narrow-Bore GC Columns With Intermediate-Volume (IV) Liners

narrow-bore GC columns.
Credit: Restek.
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The benefits of high-efficiency, narrow-bore GC columns are limited by sample transfer onto the column, but this step can now be optimized using Restek’s intermediate-volume (IV) inlet liners. With higher sample capacity than smaller volume liners and faster sample transfer than larger volume liners, new IV liners produce fast, sensitive, and highly reproducible results.

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The more balanced performance improves chromatography, making peak identification and quantitation easier and more accurate. In addition, the short residence time in the inlet protects against band broadening and analyte breakdown during splitless injection. Explore our IV liner applications for semivolatiles, PAHs, and pesticides and see how to get the most out of narrow-bore GC columns!