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Greiner Bio-One Features 384 Deep-Well MASTERBLOCK™ in Black

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Greiner Bio-One has announced that it has added a microplate, "MASTERBLOCK™" to its polypropylene product line. 

The black 384 Deep-Well MASTERBLOCK™ is biologically inert, exhibits low binding characteristics, high temperature tolerance (autoclavable), and is chemically resistant, rendering ideal conditions for light-sensitive compound storage or fluorescent screening.

With optimal design, a square-round internal well geometry minimizes wicking and air bubbles as well as convenient access to the conical deep-well bottom for complete retrieval of compounds or scarce reagents. 

With enhanced volume capabilities of 240 ul per well, the microplates meet ANSI specifications for compatibility with automated equipment and are certified RNase/DNase-free and non-pyrogenic.

Greiner Bio-One’s polypropylene microplates facilitate airtight thermal, adhesive, or cap-mat sealing.  Also available in pre-sterilized, clear, and 1536-well formats, customized barcoding is performed upon request.