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High Yield Cell Growth Microplates

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BactiGrowth plates from Porvair Sciences provide an optimal microplate solution enabling high yield growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian or insect cell lines.

Every batch of BactiGrowth plates is rigorously tested to validate their contamination-free status ensuring reproducibility and maintaining customer confidence in the cells you grow.

BactiGrowth plates are available in a choice of well formats (24-, 96- and 384-well) and well volumes from 300 µl to 10 ml per well to suit most cellular growth applications.

Produced under class 10,000 clean room conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, BactiGrowth plates contain no moulding or polymer contaminants that may leach out and affect cell growth.

BactiGrowth plates are supplied in packs of 5 plates with tight fitting lids sealed in a virgin polymer bag.