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Highly Versatile General Purpose Centrifuge

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Grant Instruments, an international supplier of precision sample preparation equipment, has recently added a General Purpose Centrifuge to their Grant-bio line of products.

Capable of accommodating a variety of tube sizes as well as microplates, this highly versatile centrifuge offers a cost effective spin down solution for a wide range of biomedical, biochemical and life science applications.

A powerful and extremely quiet motor with soft-start and run-own functions, provides spin speeds of up to 3000 rpm for tubes and 2000 rpm for microplates. Set up for speed and run time is fast and easy using convenient push buttons and an LCD display.

The Grant-bio LMC-3000 General Purpose Centrifuge features robust and durable construction and comes with an industry exclusive 3 year warranty. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators, it has an operating temperature range of 4 to 45°C.

Interchangeable swinging bucket rotors are available to hold 2 standard or deep well microplates, 6 x 50 mL tubes with caps and conical bottoms, 12 x 10/15 mL test tubes with no caps and rounded bottoms or 12 x 15 mL microtubes with conical bottoms.