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IDBS Announces the Release of E-WorkBook Suite 7.0

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IDBS has announced the release of the latest version of its E-WorkBook Suite – the compliant, secure and extensible Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) designed for research scientists of any discipline.

IDBS’ E-WorkBook Suite, which is now comprised of E-WorkBook, BioBook and ChemBook, is a configurable ELN that supports the capture of data, information and knowledge in one secure and compliant infrastructure.

Combined with specific functions requested by current users, the latest version of E-WorkBook Suite offers research scientists enhanced meta data capture and searching.

Furthermore, E-WorkBook Suite 7.0 now allows PDF document generation and storage within the application, providing industry-standard IP protection alongside GLP compliance and extended security features. Significant functionality has also been added to BioBook, including advanced statistics (ANOVA, TTESTs etc), extended graphing support and enhanced reporting features. This further consolidates BioBook’s position as the biological ELN solution for biologists.

The latest release now includes integration capabilities through a web services layer coupled with an application program interface (API) to provide an extensible and flexible solution.

Following on from the release of BioBook in 2006, E-WorkBook Suite 7.0 also includes enhancements in the areas of biological data capture and storage. In addition, a new discipline-specific extension, ChemBook, has been designed specifically to support the workflows of synthetic, medicinal and analytical chemists.

“Regulatory compliance and IP protection are fundamental to the commercial success of research organizations, and are the primary drivers behind many ELN initiatives,” commented Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS.

“The E-WorkBook Suite boosts research productivity by promoting knowledge sharing across an organization and is highly adaptable to meet the needs of all research scientists. Performance and scalability enhancements within the latest release set the standard for large scale implementation and data management,” Kipling continued.