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Inceptua and Bendalis Enter Into Oncology Medicine Supply Agreement for Clinical Trials

Inceptua and Bendalis Enter Into Oncology Medicine Supply Agreement for Clinical Trials content piece image
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The global pharmaceutical company and service partner Inceptua and Bendalis – German manufacturer of generic oncology drugs and special therapeutic agents, have announced the signing of an exclusive clinical trial supply agreement for oncology generics.

Through this agreement Inceptua becomes the exclusive distributor of Bendalis’ products for their use in clinical trials worldwide, offering clinical trial sponsors quick access to Brexit-safe oncology standard of care medicines produced within the European Union.

"With this agreement, Bendalis and Inceptua join forces to ensure optimal sourcing and supply of medicines for use in oncology clinical trials to our clients. Together, we share a mission to provide uninterrupted access for patients to high-quality products through a secure and robust supply chain," says Alan Raffensperger, CEO, Inceptua Group.

On-demand access

As a part of the agreement, Bendalis will maintain stock of specific products on a consignment basis, offering Inceptua’s clients "on-demand" access. Even the most well-planned clinical trials may experience supply challenges at some point. Operating a consignment model provides contingency against manufacturing issues, stock-out situations, and mitigation of study delays which would impact both patients and sponsors.

"In the oncology space we experience a growing need and demand for products. We see Inceptua as the ideal partner to handle the distribution and help optimize the clinical trial supply for clients. A consistent and secure supply of products is a critical component in clinical trials, and together we can offer a flexible yet reliable solution, helping clients minimize overage and reduce costs," says Christian Parvany, CEO, Bendalis.

With over 8,000 industry-sponsored oncology studies currently running or soon to start recruitment, the global need for large volumes of essential medicine is clear. Through this agreement, Inceptua adds to the broad range of oncology comparators and standard of care medicine it already supplies for clinical trial use with exclusive access to Bendalis’ portfolio of products that are commonly used in chemotherapy. Products include: carboplatin, docetaxel, gemcitabine, paclitaxel, oxaliplatin, vinorelbine, irinotecan, and fluorouracil (5FU).