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Invitrogen Introduces Dynachip™ HLA Antibody Analysis System

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Invitrogen Corporation has introduced its DynaChip™ HLA Antibody Analysis system.

DynaChip™ technology will utilize an automated microarray platform to detect antibody reaction to specific HLA antigens. 

The DynaChip™ technology is developed as a result of collaboration between German array developer Clondiag, a unit of Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc., and Invitrogen.

The product is designed to perform upto 96 tests at the same time in a fully automated manner, with each test including an array of proteins.

The system includes software that can allow for rapid analysis of results. The DynaChip™ system is currently available in Europe under a CE mark and is available for ‘research use only’ in the United States.

It is in the process of obtaining FDA 510K clearance in the United States.