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Invitrogen Launches Universal Bags for Gibco Media and Reagents

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Invitrogen Corporation has announced the availability of the new universal bag collection for GIBCO cell culture media and reagents. 

The bags can provide researchers with the quality media products in flexible packaging as they move from the bench towards larger scale systems. 

GIBCO universal bags are designed with universal tubing connections for integration into automated cell maintenance systems. 

The four-port design can provide four different mechanical connection methods i.e. blood spike, male-threaded luer, female-threaded luer, and MPC quick connect; to integrate with a variety of automated cell culture instruments, disposable bioreactor systems, and sterile connection processes without the need for customization. 

GIBCO media products are available in universal bags pre-filled with five liters or ten liters of a variety of stocked formulations including D-MEM, RPMI, D-MEM/F-12, SF900 II and TrypLE Express.