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Leica Microsystems Partners With CVE Program To Protect Customers Against Cybersecurity Attacks

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Leica Microsystems, has been authorized by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA). This evaluation underlines the importance for Leica Microsystems to handle cybersecurity risks in a professional, systematic and transparent way as software continues to play a pivotal role in scientific, medical, and industrial advancementsBy using a unified classification and referencing of vulnerabilities, Leica Microsystems can work with its customers to maintain the security of the use of Leica products in their working environments.

The CVE Program is an international, community-based initative that aims to identify, define and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As a CNA, Leica Microsystems will be responsible for assigning CVE IDs to vulnerabilities within products of Leica Microsystems and publish CVE Records to communicate consistent descriptions of vulnerabilities.

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“Almost every one of our products contains software that orchestrates components, from the base operating system to specific custom code, that must work together securely. If there is a problem with elements in this chain, becoming a CVE Numbering Authority allows us to manage risk systematically,” said Dirk Voelkel, Chief Technology Officer & VP Global Research & Development at Leica Microsystems. “We are committed to providing a secure environment for our customers’ important work.”


By partnering with the CVE program, Leica Microsystems will disclose newly identified vulnerabilities, allowing customers and partners to proactively address potential threats before they become widespread.