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Lonza Further Extends Collaboration With Major Biopharmaceutical Partner for Manufacturing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

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Lonza, a global manufacturing partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical markets, announced today an extension of a long-term collaboration with a major global biopharmaceutical partner. The extended agreement will increase the current dedicated bioconjugation capacity fourfold by adding two new bioconjugation suites for the commercial supply of ADCs at Lonza's Ibex® Dedicate Biopark in Visp (CH).

The extension will occupy 1500m2 of manufacturing space, and will connect to key infrastructure supporting the containment of highly potent drug linkers and the handling of bioconjugates in a highly automated, high-throughput environment. The two dedicated manufacturing areas are expected to comprise one of the largest bioconjugation facilities globally. The new suites are expected to be operational in 2026 and will generate approximately 180 jobs upon completion.

The announcement expands Lonza’s current relationship with the customer, through which the company provides highly potent payload, drug-linkerconjugation services, and commercial mAb manufacturing from a single site at Visp (CH).

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Jean-Christophe Hyvert, President, Biologics, Lonza, commented: “The expansion of this strategic collaboration further validates the concept of Ibex® Solutions and demonstrates our dedication to supporting our partners with operational excellence, specialist expertise and flexible business models. The complete end-to-end ADC ecosystem at our Visp site eliminates supply chain complexities and supports all stages necessary for the manufacture of these highly potent therapies.”

Christian Morello, Vice President, Head of Bioconjugates, Lonza, added: “The expanded relationship with our partner builds upon trust and expertise in delivering manufacturing solutions built upon extensive experience in bringing ADC-based therapies to the clinic and beyond. Our relationship with the customer has been evolving to incorporate all stages of bioconjugate manufacturing. This unique journey is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and production capacity, all helping to advance cancer treatment options.”

ADCs are complex bioconjugates that are typically used for selective targeting of cancer cells. Their unique ability to decrease systemic side effects on healthy cells, while maintaining selective efficacy, brings high commercial and therapeutic potential and is transforming the treatment landscape for cancer patients. ADCs consist of a potent cytotoxic agent, stable linker and a targeting mAb. Lonza has unique experience in supporting ADC manufacturing at a single site, from early development stages to market launch, and manufactures the majority of commercially available ADCs.