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Malvern Launches SyNIRgi – A Chemical Imaging System for Routine Use

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Malvern Instruments’ launch at Pittcon 2007 of the SyNIRgi near infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) system underlines the continuing migration of this technology from its specialist roots into routine use as a desirable, quantitative analytical tool.

The SyNIRgi builds on the Sapphire/NIRCI-2450 platform from Spectral Dimensions, the company having been acquired last year by Malvern Instruments.

This next generation NIR-CI system adds additional capability in terms of data acquisition speed and increased sensitivity, setting a new performance standard. It will also accommodate an even larger imaging area and offers new sampling options.

The ability to acquire >300,000 NIR spectra in a single measurement will be available as an option, and the SyNIRgi will be complemented by a newly released version of ISys, its data analysis software.

The hallmarks of SyNIRgi are its rugged construction with no moving parts, modular software that can enable the development of turnkey solutions, and expandability options for automation accessories.

Since NIR chemical imaging can provide robust, reliable and automated data collection that is coupled tightly with quantitative, statistical, objective, reproducible and automated data processing tools, it is highly suited for routine analytical measurements.

SyNIRgi designed with new sampling options mean that data collection for a variety of sample types can be optimized.
The standard version of SyNIRgi will generate 81,920 NIR spectra from a 13 x 10 mm sample area in minutes.  An option will be available to collect NIR chemical images with unprecedented image fidelity, with more than 300,000 NIR spectra in a single measurement.
Standard image analysis tools transform qualitative information contained within an image into quantitative metrics that deliver objective answers. The true value of NIR-CI is exploited only with access to the statistical and image analysis capabilities available in ISys. The SyNIRgi will be complemented by a newly released version of ISys.