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Media Cybernetics Unveils InVivo Analyzer Suite 3.0 Software

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Media Cybernetics has announced the release of InVivo Analyzer Suite 3.0 for live cell imaging. InVivo Analyzer Suite combines three scientific software applications into a complete live cell imaging solution.

This version release of InVivo Analyzer Suite takes advantage of the fast acquisition tools of InVivo, the advanced analytical capabilities of Image-Pro Analyzer and the sophisticated 3D rendering features of 3D Constructor.

InVivo Analyzer Suite 3.0 is designed to offer tools for advanced live cell imaging applications. It includes a FRET Experiment Wizard that guides users through the complex process of evaluating the relationship between two fluorescent molecules.

The ratio imaging features include an intensity calibration interface for ratio imaging acquisition and the ability to conduct live ratio measurement and display when using an optical splitter.

Users can apply variable rate time-lapse settings when acquiring images. InVivo Analyzer Suite also supports automatic calculation of Nyquist sampling for 3D acquisition.

Media Cybernetics claims that, InVivo Analyzer Suite 3.0 has added support for the latest cameras, wavelength selection, biological chambers and other devices critical for live cell imaging.

It also offers multi-camera support, which allows up to four cameras to be used at one time.