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Meet SeedEZ, a universal 3D cell culture drug screening system

Meet SeedEZ, a universal 3D cell culture drug screening system content piece image
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Lena Biosciences SeedEZ is a complete 3D cell culture drug screening system which enables scientists to grow cells, test compounds, and assess function with improved physiological relevance. It has been validated with diverse tissue models serving rapidly expanding 3D cell culture ADME Tox screening market, cancer research, and high-content screening market with recognized returns in discovery and cost. SeedEZ accepts most cell types, cell culture reagents, active and inactive biologicals, extracellular matrices, biomaterials, polymer matrices used in preparation of drug delivery systems or substrates for controlled release of drugs, pharmaceutical reagents, biopharmaceuticals, excipient formulations and test compounds. It provides a convenient 3D framework for 3D cell-based assays, drug release studies, in vitro dosage form development, and quality control testing and assurance.

SeedEZ is exceptionally easy to use, suitable for generating gradients of test compounds, and enables testing of drug combination strategies in situ with cells in a 3D cell culture or cells in suspension. Visit us online at http://www.lenabio.com/support for video tutorials, application notes, protocols, research data, technical information, 3D cell culture knowledge base and answers to questions.