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Metabolon Launched mvivo™ as its Third Packaged Solution

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Metabolon, Inc., has announced the launch of mVivo™, a service that will allow researchers to understand the effects of investigational drugs during animal testing. 

With the introduction of mVivo, Metabolon completes its three product series of metabolomic drug safety and efficacy testing solutions, spanning the entire drug discovery and development workflow.

“mVivo provides a tool for scientists to better understand a drug’s therapeutic capability before it is tested in humans,” said John Ryals, president and CEO of Metabolon.

“Since biochemical biomarkers are highly conserved between species, results from mVivo studies can be reliably used to predict a drug’s effects in humans. As part of drug discovery and development research, mVivo results will improve decisions about whether a drug should be advanced to the next stage of development.”

By analyzing microgram or microliter quantities of the target samples routinely isolated for evaluation, mVivo analysis can provide non-biased information about a drug’s on- and off-target effects during animal studies.

This global assessment is achieved through the analysis of hundreds of biochemical metabolites which are used to identify drug-induced changes across virtually the entire spectrum of known biochemical pathways. From a single sample, mVivo analysis can provide the information needed to make actionable decisions about a drug’s safety, efficacy, and positioning.

“The launch of mVivo extends Metabolon’s growing portfolio of solutions designed to improve the efficiency of drug discovery and development,” said Ryals. 

“Metabolon’s family of products, mSelect™, mProveClinical™, and mVivo™, now provide our customers with a unified platform to understand drug effects on biomarkers throughout in vitro, animal, and human studies.”