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Mettler Toledo Announces New Online Resource for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Mettler Toledo's Process Analytics Division has announced the availability of a new online resource designed to enable the bio and chemical pharmaceutical industries to maximizing product quality and maintaining batch consistency.

Increasing production costs and competition are leading pharmaceutical producers to identify methods of improving productivity.

The continuous, real-time measurements provided by in-line process analytics offer a wide range of opportunities for increasing yield and improving efficiency throughout the manufacture of drugs by fermentation or chemical synthesis.

Further, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Process Analytical Technology initiative has recognized the value of implementing in-line measurement systems for attaining real-time process control.

METTLER TOLEDO's new online resource www.mt.com/pro_pharma provides a range of information on the use of in situ analytical measurement systems, including white papers, webinars, videos and product documentation.

Visitors can learn more about in-line measurement solutions featuring the unique Intelligent Sensor Management (ISMTM) concept offering predictive diagnostics and Plug and Measure convenience in analytical measurement.