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Micronic Introduces New Ultra Low Temperature Rack Range

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Micronic ULT racks incorporate a wealth of useful features to aid automation. These features include a novel Twist-Lock design which prevents tubes from turning during screw (de)capping; easy lead-in tube and cover placement; closed side walls with minimal notches for perfect rack orientation and a unique automation-friendly cover lock system.

Absolute traceability and reproducibility on ULT racks is ensured through novel laser-etched alphanumeric visual location aids on top of the racks and a unique laser-etched 1D barcode on the side of the racks. The open bottom design of the storage racks facilitates quick defrosting of samples. The racks may be autoclaved several times providing considerable cost savings over consumable sample storage products.

One of the most important properties that tube storage racks need to have is their resistance to extreme conditions. Micronic conducted research on all kinds of materials and rack designs in order to come to an optimum design for use in ultra-low temperatures. As a result of this extensive testing, Micronic ULT racks are manufactured from virgin Polycarbonate. Racks made from this material exhibit unmatched low temperature properties making them ideal for long term use in automated cryogenic storage facilities. Micronic ULT racks are based upon a proprietary design which minimizes deformation due to temperature changes.

Micronic ULT racks, as well as its tubes and caps, are manufactured and assembled under US Federal Standard 209E Class 7 clean room conditions. Micronic manufactured products comply with the highest injection moulding standards and are free of any detectable RNase or DNase contamination. Micronic is also able to limit the endotoxin (pyrogen) level of produced and packaged articles to an acceptable minimum (< 0.01 EU/ml) by maintaining the highest possible hygiene level during the production processes.