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Millipore Releases Updated Multiwell Products Guide

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Millipore Corporation has announced the availability of its Multiwell Products Guide featuring a number of high-throughput screening and cell culture products to be used in the advancement of new therapies and drugs.

This 40-page guide features information on a range of applications including sample preparation, biochemical assays, cell-based assays, and ADME/compound profiling.

Also included are protocol illustrations, performance data, and complete product ordering information. This updated guide includes information about the following products:

- MultiScreen® HTS 384-well Filter Plates

- Millicell® 24- and 96-well Cell Culture Insert Plates

- MultiScreen™ HTS Vacuum Manifold.

Another feature of this updated publication is a selection guide for MultiScreen HTS filter plates.

The selection guide groups plates based on membrane type, pore size, sterility, and other attributes, allowing customers to choose the correct plate for their applications.