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MIMETAS to Launch Assay Ready Product Line for Organ-on-a-chip

MIMETAS to Launch Assay Ready Product Line for Organ-on-a-chip content piece image
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MIMETAS has announced the first product release of its Assay Ready product line: OrganoPlate® Caco-2. The product consists of 38 intestinal tubules that are grown under flow conditions against an extracellular matrix.

According to Bas Trietsch, Chief Technology Officer at MIMETAS, the launch of this first Assay Ready product is a significant next step in making Organ-on-a-Chip technology available to all. “With this new product line, our customers are served with the best 3D biological models in an Assay Ready format. This results in a tremendous reduction of time and effort spent by our customers. In fact, the customer receives a fully quality-controlled, ready-to-use tissue model, alleviating the need for licensing negotiations and banking, expansion, and culturing of the cells.”

The OrganoPlate® Caco-2 features 38 Caco-2 tubules and two controls. Caco-2 is a human colon adenocarcinoma cell line with well-preserved barrier, receptor, and transporter characteristics. “The Caco-2 cell line is a widely adopted industry standard, with years of legacy”, says Trietsch. “For this reason, we decided to launch this product first. We foresee the use of the product in ADME, safety-, toxicology- and mechanistic studies for drug development, but also in the food and dairy industry who have an increasing interest in validating health claims of their products.”

Trietsch reveals that the Caco-2 product will be the first in a line-up of products that will further support the adoption of Organ-on-a-Chip: “From now on, the fully mature tissue is incorporated in the chip, rather than buying just the chip. MIMETAS will take care of the tissue culture, allowing our customers to maximally focus on their research questions and core business.”