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Molecular Devices Announces the Release of AquaMax® Series of Microplate Washers

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Molecular Devices has announced the launch of the AquaMax® 2000 and AquaMax® 4000 series of microplate washers. The modular design of this washer platform allows researchers to configure the system for their current microplate format and applications, and can provide an upgrade path when assay requirements change.

The system's 96- and 384-well wash heads are interchangeable to extend the capabilities of the system on a single instrument platform.

The AquaMax system washes the wells of microplate-based biological assays, an integral component of life science research. Primary applications for this instrument include ELISA, immunoassays, and cytotoxicity assays, and many cell-based assays used in high-throughput screening during the drug discovery process.

The system washes all wells in the microplate simultaneously. On-board, touch-screen programming gives researchers a high degree of control over microplate processing parameters resulting in fast and efficient plate washing.

The system's washing capability minimizes background interference and maximizes assay sensitivity. A comprehensive cleaning routine prevents clogged dispense head and probes, the primary cause of microplate washer failure.

"The AquaMax washer series represents the latest advancements in liquid handling products. With the ability to use both 96- and 384-well wash heads on the base platform, customers can switch easily and quickly between formats, increasing their range of applications using one instrument," said Andy Boorn, President of MDS Analytical Technologies. "With the system's increased reliability, speed and flexibility, we expect customers will see significant time and cost savings over conventional wash systems."