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Molecular Devices Introduces Calcium Assay Kit For GPCR Screening

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Molecular Devices Corporation has introduced its next-generation no-wash calcium flux assay - the FLIPR Calcium 4 Assay Kit.

This kit includes a masking technology licensed exclusively by Molecular Devices from Bayer AG (Leverkusen, Germany; Patent Nos. US 6,420,183, EP 0906572).

The FLIPR Calcium Assay Kits - Calcium, Calcium 3 and now Calcium 4 - use homogenous mix-and-read, no-wash protocols.

These kits detect intracellular calcium flux from different cell types and receptors.

The kits offer different formulations to address a broad range of targets, including challenging systems, such as chemokines, for small peptides, and transient, endogenous and low-expression receptors that are difficult to assay with standard methods.

"Our vision is to continually innovate our masking dye technology to ensure that researchers have a range of assay configurations to use with the complex family of GPCRs," stated Susan Clark, Director of Reagents Marketing at Molecular Devices.

"The FLIPR Calcium 4 Assay Kit is the latest addition to our calcium assay options."

"This kit contains a novel masking dye, which combines higher light extinction in the extracellular solution, contributing to an overall lower background and higher signal that benefits assays with especially small calcium responses."

Clark continued, "Furthermore, the inert nature of this novel masking dye results in reduction of interference between ligands or targets and the dye."

The FLIPR fluorometric imaging plate reader and the FlexStation® benchtop microplate reader are optimal instruments to run the FLIPR calcium assays for rapid detection and analysis.

The throughput is increased by eliminating labor-intensive wash steps and is conducive to automation for high-throughput screening as it functions at room temperature.